Paul Wroe

I started working at the end of the beef slump in 1978. A lot of cattle were out of hand. Back then most of the cattle dogs around were blue/ red heelers or bullterrier X.

In 1980 I went to clean up some properties with Noel Dickfoss (Great dog man). Noel’s dogs were all border collies (sheep dog’s as we use to say). After seeing the way Noel’s dogs were working and the handle he had on them, I was sold “then and there”.

A good dog to me is one that is good at what it does, whether it is holding a bull or holding the lead. You don’t find many that are good at both.

I have had most breeds of working cattle dogs. I think a dog has to have rate and bite to be useful in the paddock and in the show ring.

I owe the credit to Steven Biles for starting me trialling at Emerald, QLD championships. I had two 11 month old bitches, Socksy and Nancy. I won the Novice with Socksy and been hooked on trailing since.