Borilla Creek Socksy


Socksy is a high energy dog with good eye and style. She is a light biter making her more suited for trialling. Socksy is one of my more successful trialling dogs. Ran a score of 100 trailing.
She has breed on very well with progeny winning QLD Champion 06 Natel Mandy, Natel Pal winning at Vic championship 07, Natel Patch equal top price at Emerald Wroe & co dog sale 2005.
Trial placings
2003 -1st Nov QLD championships
2004 - 1st Open Emerald
2005 - 6th Open Springsure
         - 2nd Open Emerald
         - State of origan team
2006 - 5th Open Caves (ran a 100)
         - 2nd Open Jimbin
         - 6th Open Emerald
         - 4th Aust Championship Taroom
2007 - 4th Open Mt Surpise
         - 1st Open Springsure
         - 1st Open Emerald
2008 - 1st Open Bunderberg
         - 4th Open Jambin
         - 2nd Open Emerald
         - 6th Open Home Hill
         - 2nd Open Bauhinia
2009 - 4th Open Jambin       
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