In the paddock Mandy is a calm bitch that only does as much as she has to. Mandy is a good leggy bitch, she bites both front and back. She tends to go straight in her cast.
In the trial ring Mandy won her first trial at 12 months. She won the Open at QLD champship 2006.
Trail Placing
2005 – 5th Nov Springsure
          - 3rd Open Springsure
          - 2nd Nov Caves
          - 1st Open Jambin
2006 – 5th Open Springsure
         - 1st Open QLD champship Middlemount
         - 3rd Open Emerald
2007 – 3rd Open Mt Surprise
          - 1st Open Jambin
          - 6th Open QLD champship Bauhinia
2nd Open Home Hill
2008-5th Open Jambin
2009 - 3rd Open Mt Kelly
2010 - 2nd Open Mt Surprise
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